Messi, Ronaldo, Kaka & Rooney - The Cursed Star?

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Lionel Messi. He was selected as 2009 World Soccer Player of the Year. But yesterday, he and his team (Argentina) had a very bad memory as The Three Lions after having a heavy defeat 0-4 to Germany. Argentina was predicted to win but Germany is better. Messi didn't score any goal during world cup. I think, Messi will be the one in the top scorer list but he's not.

Wayne Rooney. Recently, he was selected as 2009-10 FWA Footballer of the Year. But he didn't performed well with England squad and same with Messi and Kaka, Rooney didn't score any goal. His injury really affected him to play better. England is out of WC after having a heavy defeat 1-4 against Germany.

Kaka. He was selected as 2007's FIFA World Player of the Year . He also a playmaker for Real Madrid. But recently, when he was playing for Brazil, He didn't score any goal. Why? And now, Brazil is out of WC. It's really out of my mind. I predict that Brazil will win WC this year :-(

Cristiano Ronaldo. He also was selected as World Soccer Player of the Year for 2008. He also was predicted to be in high performance during World Cup. But he is not. He only score one goal for Portugal and now Portugal also out of WC.

Ballon d'Or Achievers

Kaka, Ronaldo, and Messi was the achievers of Ballon d'Or. Can you think why they can perform better? Why? They have been cursed? Oh no...

3 Responses to “ Messi, Ronaldo, Kaka & Rooney - The Cursed Star? ”

  1. Leo Messi is greatest player of all time... Neither of this guys can't go in the same sentence with Messi...Ronaldo what?

  2. Ronlado is the best player of all time.He have ability to turn the match in last minute .He is living legend.

  3. So far Ronald 11o scored 41 goals in the Liga - of thems from penalty. Higuain had half of Ronaldo's plaing time and scored 20 goals. If Higuain was to get the penalties he would (posiblly) have 31 goals and Ronaldo would be with only 30 (for half the playing time!!!!!). I'm only saying......


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