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Poll Again...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 · Posted in ,

I'm sure that all my readers are very familiar with this one rite? So, what if you do it for me? You just need to click and click and done. I just want to make some survey on all my readers. As a reward, I will put your link in this post(I will always update this entry). Leave your comment(your link is IMPORTANT) after doing the poll, so I can track you back.



Thanks !

How To Drive Overflow Traffic To Your Blog!

Monday, April 26, 2010 · Posted in , ,

Want traffic to your blog? How? It's easy as A,B,C... So, just follow this simple steps....

1.Write your posts in English.
English, english, english, and english.

2.Add AdSense unit in your blog.

AdSense is own by Google. Can you think? If you are publishing Google Ads, Google will give you more opportunities to be in it's search list. So, your blog will be easily ranked! Easy rite?

3.Add Shoubox to your blog!
Shoutbox is important because it connecting you with your readers. Shoutbox also is the only way for your readers to leave their link so you will know who are visiting your blog. So, it will give you more traffic! They(the visitor) will help you to gain more traffic. So what if you do the same to them? :-)

4.Use to publish your post., is the place where you can republish your post. And if you have good quality post, peoples will dugg your post. 'dugg' mean, if anyone like your post the will leave a sign. That is dugg. More dugg mean more visitors to your blog. I've try it and it's worked!

Simple rite? LOL!

p/s: Tell me if you found spelling mistake ya!Pleaseeeee... =p

P1 WiMAX : So Slow!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010 · Posted in

Shit! This word always come out from my mouth every time the modem (P1 WiMAX) becoming so slow. I don't know where or what's the problem with that. Every month we (coz we are sharing to use it...LOL) need to pay RM100. And if the usage threshold is finish off, the speed will be slower by 20%. If the full speed is 1.2Mbps, after using all the usage threshold, the speed should be 0.96Mbps. But it's far from what I'm expected. The speed is just 113Kbps!!!! Damn it!

Now, maybe I'm going to port forward the modem. But did anyone know to do it? Please tell me...

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