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Amanah Saham 1Malaysia - True or Fake?

Today One For All want to share with blog readers in Malaysia. Whether it is true or just a fraud? 100 units given free to all first year university students can not be issued. Is it true that it is 100 units or simply not worth the writing. Here we can see where the ASB (Amanah Saham Bumiputera) only requires a minimum of 10 units in the account. What is all this? It's this a fake?? There are those who have opinions in this case? Please share with us.

Twins Share A Heart Ready to be Separated?

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Family pair of Siamese twin baby girls the United States (U.S.), Emma and Taylor Bailey are now ready to face any possible after their child is separated through the separation and transfer of heart surgery.

Conjoined twins are connected at the chest and share their hearts and the heart at birth . medical experts predict will Emma and Taylor died a few days after birth but when they exceeded projections continue to live for two years before experiencing heart problems recently.

Now a team of surgeons Seattle Children's Hospital believe that separation surgery could be successfully although they do not have surgical separation of Siamese twins who share a heart. Emma and Taylor had previously undergone two surgical preparation and must undergo several surgical procedures until the end of this year before it can undergo major surgery.

"We accept destiny with calm. We understand the risks surgery was. We face the risk is worse if only embrace the body, "said their mother, Mandy Bailey. Families are doing the preparation to hold charity run next month after the event last year attracted the participation of the presence of 5.000 and 1.000 runners spectators.


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KUALA LUMPUR: Wife of 'eating out' is no longer strange things and this fact is recognized Director Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais), Datuk Muhammad Khusrin Munawi.

According to him, there are various reasons that things happen and one of them is the failure to meet the requirements of their husbands, either material prosperity or sexual instinct.

"There are passionate wife material requirements whether large or spiritual satisfaction, while the husband is unable to meet such requirements. As a result, lost his wife and began searching for the consideration of another man who they think is great, "he said when contacted.

He said, though the case status of women caught wife seclusion with a man not in Selangor Institute of Public Administration is still small in number, it is considered a serious problem.

"For every problem in the household must be resolved in accordance with good hearts and not to bring harm.

"Do not promote other men as office friends, friends or anyone as a reference household expressed problems, especially related to maintenance spiritual, because it sure can create unhealthy atmosphere between them to eventually fall in adultery," he said.

Khusrin also advised the wife that protracted immediately repent and return to the base of the road. In the world they may be spared from punishment, but not in the Hereafter.

Khusrin also have not rejected the husband turn a blind eye to the acts of the wife to eat outside because lack of self-aware.

According to him, the big mistake in terms of religion because my husband was involved with the sins of his wife considered their accomplice.

"According to Islamic law, the wife of adultery can be sentenced to stoning to death while her husband will know if things like that to advise whether wife or if the advice fails to comply shall be separate," he said.

Meanwhile, syarie lawyers Datuk Zain Zaidi, also admitted that the case, the wife of a special relationship with another man is increasing.

According to him, as proof, now found more and more cases of divorce initiated by her husband in court and the grounds are mostly related confidential relationship with the wife of another man.

"Before all this we see most often the wife started divorce file, but otherwise the situation will happen now because many husbands do so, it shows that something is wrong on the wife," he said.

Zaidi said, such cases are now reported and the more he represents many husbands in such cases than ever before.

Reported, the situation exists because some women want to 'test market' may be because before this they could not stylish but now with a good career and use of various beauty products, they are easy to find new friends.

"Maybe at the beginning they simply want to be friends, but they spoiled the long run to protracted," he said.

Translated from Harian Metro

Use To Publish Your Post!

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Yeah! Have you know about It's just the same with blogcatalog but the different is you can see how many peoples that view your post or like it. In other word, you can make your blog or site more popular by just posting in digg. Based on Alexa ranking, digg's ranking is 101st, - 316th, and lies on 346th position. All what i wanna say is digg is the most popular among three of them. So, how about if you give it a try? It's simple and easy to register. Just take less than a minutes and you are done :-) Good Luck!

Link to (click here)


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Hallo everyone! This is my first post for this new year 2010. Aha... Before I'm forget, have you watching Ninja (2009) ? I have watch it for many times and I suddenly found something strange with film. It's not really strange but I'm just wondering that the picture above isn't a coincidence!Oh.''OK2...Maybe some of you think that Casey(Scott Adkins) "accidentally" touch Namiko's(Mika Hijji) breast right? I have no idea. But I think it's really a good luck for him!!! Hahaha!!![just for a joke k :-)]

(2009) Ninja 's Cast :
Scott Adkins as Casey
Tsuyoshi Ihara as Masazuka
Mika Hijii as Namiko
Todd Jensen as Det. Traxler
Togo Igawa as Sensei
Garrick Hagon as Professor Garrison
Miles Anderson as Temple
Valentin Ganev as Klimitov
Kenji Motomiya as Akira
Nikolai Sotirov as Adamonovich

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