19 Tips For Better Sex Performance

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Here are some of useful tips for who want to perform better in having sex. It is not intended to ban the lawful form of advice, but results from those previous experiences. Just try it if you think it can give you a good result . Good Luck! :-)

  1. Do not drink a lot ice because it resulted in the penis become cold and soft (weak). It also cause pain when having sex. The penis must always hot.
  2. Do not eat rice along with water. Drink water after eating rice, but if you are choking just drink the water. The effect are similar with drinking ice. Do not eat frozen food or food that has been cooled. It can result in low quality sperm liquid and cum early.
  3. Avoid eating foods that have too much gravy except soup because it weakens the penis.
  4. Do not continue to drink water after eating rice, drinking only 2 minutes after the last feed.
  5. Do not breathing when drinking, hold your breath because it help to prevent this from easily tired when having sex.
  6. Avoid drinking water when the body is hot, after running or working hardly. Cool the body first, and then drink water.
  7. Do not eat chicken wings because it weakens the penis.
  8. Do not eat rice that had been cooled. Make it hot, then eat it.
  9. Avoid drinking water after 11.00 pm although you are drinking hot water because it weakens the waist muscles and lead to bad performance.
  10. Avoid to pee everywhere, look for a dry place.
  11. Urinate first and then defecate. This train penis' muscle with good muscle control.
  12. Don't practice masturbation because it forces the semen out and weaken the penis.
  13. Don't let the wife slept on your penis . Blood flow to the penis is important for penis because it can avoid weak penis.
  14. If your age are over 30 years, avoid having sex more than 3 times a week, because your body need enough time to rebuild your .
  15. Don't having sex in the water.
  16. Don't drink water directly after having sex , rest for 15 minutes first.
  17. Don't let strong shock on your waist because it can cause impotence.
  18. Don't soak the penis in the vagina after cum.
  19. Don't having sex if your wife are menstruating because it cause disease.

6 Responses to “ 19 Tips For Better Sex Performance ”

  1. Hi.......This is very nice post and also this is very helpful to other Better Sex Performance

  2. Hi.....It is useful advices for every one and Better Sex Performance improve your sexual stamina and satisfied your partner.

  3. Thanks for sharing such helpful tips, this is really helpful. Living a healthy lifestyle can keep up with good sexual health too.

  4. This is awesome, how big is your penis if your wife can sleep on it. This advice made me LOL, great work and keep eating rice ha ha

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