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Hallo everyone! This is my first post for this new year 2010. Aha... Before I'm forget, have you watching Ninja (2009) ? I have watch it for many times and I suddenly found something strange with film. It's not really strange but I'm just wondering that the picture above isn't a coincidence!Oh.''OK2...Maybe some of you think that Casey(Scott Adkins) "accidentally" touch Namiko's(Mika Hijji) breast right? I have no idea. But I think it's really a good luck for him!!! Hahaha!!![just for a joke k :-)]

(2009) Ninja 's Cast :
Scott Adkins as Casey
Tsuyoshi Ihara as Masazuka
Mika Hijii as Namiko
Todd Jensen as Det. Traxler
Togo Igawa as Sensei
Garrick Hagon as Professor Garrison
Miles Anderson as Temple
Valentin Ganev as Klimitov
Kenji Motomiya as Akira
Nikolai Sotirov as Adamonovich

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