Twins Share A Heart Ready to be Separated?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 · Posted in , , ,

Family pair of Siamese twin baby girls the United States (U.S.), Emma and Taylor Bailey are now ready to face any possible after their child is separated through the separation and transfer of heart surgery.

Conjoined twins are connected at the chest and share their hearts and the heart at birth . medical experts predict will Emma and Taylor died a few days after birth but when they exceeded projections continue to live for two years before experiencing heart problems recently.

Now a team of surgeons Seattle Children's Hospital believe that separation surgery could be successfully although they do not have surgical separation of Siamese twins who share a heart. Emma and Taylor had previously undergone two surgical preparation and must undergo several surgical procedures until the end of this year before it can undergo major surgery.

"We accept destiny with calm. We understand the risks surgery was. We face the risk is worse if only embrace the body, "said their mother, Mandy Bailey. Families are doing the preparation to hold charity run next month after the event last year attracted the participation of the presence of 5.000 and 1.000 runners spectators.

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