Join My "EPL Fantasy Football League" !

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Are you someone who playing fantasy football? If you do I want to invite you to join my newly created league. But, firstly you must sign up. To do that, please CLICK HERE or you can also click the above image. That picture show my fantasy football team. So, what yours? Play Fantasy Premier League against me. Use the code 244297-65669 after picking your team to join my league. Again, to join my private league, simply enter this code : 244297-65669. The new season begin on 14/8. Let's play!

P/S : 100 teams now playing on my league as on 14 August.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I saw on Facebook that there's a Fantasy Premier League app ( that lets you compete to earn title of Legendary Manager, the highest honour. You also get to earn medals & trophies. I guess this is something extra than the typical fantasy football you're playing. Below are also some cool features they're offering.

    -You can earn £0.5 mil extra budget when you invited your friends to join
    -Earn over 14 medals & trophies - Hattrick Star, Golden Boot Medal, Top Manager Medal etc
    -Earn experience levels
    -Earn rank title, from Rookie Manager to Legendary Manager
    -Option to hide your team
    -Live match commentaries (I like this!)

    Check out the app here,

  2. Becoming the particular administrator of the Fantasy Football money leagues is not an easy task. The times of day are usually lengthy. It's easy to control a bunch of wimps. And, the particular pay out, this is painful.

  3. I found another free Fantasy Premier League game. It uses a new format called commissioner system where each user is given an option whether to become a commissioner and manage their own league or join another commissioner's league. The beauty of the new format is that a commissioner could customize every aspect of the league that they have created like the points system, transfer limit, total budget, players value and even the players position. Check it out at FanXT Fantasy EPL Commissioner.

  4. I also plays on the FanXT Fantasy EPL Commissioner. They just added a few new features like a month ago. I think it is one of the best fantasy premier league game that I've played. I loved the part that you could customize the league


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