One-Eye Cat!

SUNGAI BULOH: Mysteries of the four kitten when a new cat which was born in Kampung Paya Jaras Dalam here, got only has one eye but has no nose.

More surprisingly, when the mouth cat called 'Monster' is not normal like 'brother' is because it resembles the mouth like a monkey.

Due to the unique face of Monster, the owner, Shaheffendi Abd Razak, 25, and the family have claimed that lucky because the pet is unique.

According to him, and he described the birth of Monster as one of a magical things in the world.

"Maybe there is a cat who thought disabled, but for us it is special. In fact, if calculated the uniqueness of it, Monster may be listed as the 8th thing of the magical things in the world, "he said when met here on Wednesday.

In understood, Monster weight only 100 grams (g) while it's 10 centimeters (cm) long when born is .

However, the family's intention to expand the Monster is not achieved when a child involved a cat died approximately 3 pm yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Mufti of Selangor, Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Tamyes when contacted, said no matter the weird and strange happens on this earth if we always hold on to power and greatness of Allah SWT.

"Allah is powerful and able to make anything properly. So the matter is not a strange or weird, "he said.

Credit to: hMetro

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