Fake Beauty?

Venezuela's achievement that is often won Miss Universe crown is not the only aspect which is the symbol of national pride that Latin women regarding beauty. In fact, they also have a wide selection of plastic surgery.

Surgery beautify the body become common in the countries of South America. That it emerged as a favorite destination for foreigners 'new look' at a lower price.

"Some women come from Colombia, United States (U.S.), Ecuador and Caribbean islands. They underwent surgery, then spent a few days to travel, "said the head of a company subsiadiary silicone breast implants, Rosi Oyon.

deny that their beauty is natural and to be a must for competition queen beautiful world, cosmetic surgeons are not convinced beyond a doubt that Fernandez get some help.

Implant surgery

Transit Miss Universe crown participants from Venezuela to the same winning the title in 2008, Dayana Mendoza, and the latest, Stefania Fernandez, putting the sector to a new level.

It was the sixth award to crown Miss Universe Venezuela within 59 years organizing the queen contest was beautiful. In fact, the country had won twice in a row.

Victory has put Venezuela is only one place behind the U.S. victory in the history of Miss Universe. Meanwhile, Venezuela has a population of only about 25 million people. Less than one tenth of the U.S. population totaled 300 million people.

Plastic Surgery Expert, Daniel Slobodianik explains beauty is everything. However, natural beauty is the ticket to the world called the queen.

However, for plastic surgery, Fernandez no doubt do so.

"I do not do surgery on himself. But I believe he was doing something. They all have to do," said Daniel a lot of help the Venezuela celebrities to look beautiful while wearing bikinis.

A population of Caracas, Vanessa Brito, 27, who had breast implant strain felt five years ago, surgery is common among women in Venezuela to continue living. "I think that pressure exists in the form of social in Venezuela.

"The beauty ideal can be seen on the participants such as Miss Universe. Hence, all people want to look beautiful,"he said.

A 19-year-old student, Laura Gonzalez, had to do surgery on the nose and breast enlargement four years ago.

"This competition outside the beautiful queen. Women really like to look as beauty Venezuela. We are like stylish hair and jaunty with clothes." A woman should feel very comfortable against themselves and that made me affected, "he said.

The gift from the family

provider and distributor of breast implants, Arturo Rojas also said Venezuela is among the women too proud in the world. Beauty is seen as a necessity for them.

Adolescent women sometimes receive surgery as a gift from their families. For example a teenager Yudnara, 13, who came to the doctor with his mother to make the process of pre-surgery.

"I think women are individuals who are suitable for this surgery." We are all beautiful but sometimes we want more beautiful, "he said. Although use of silicone implants in breast surgery has a risk of infection, it is not directly frightening youth. "They do not heal quickly. This is because there are among them a new age of 15, 16 or 17 years who is not prepared for such surgery, "said a lawyer, Emilia de Leon.

Breast surgery is very popular in Venezuela with an estimated total of 30,000 women do every year. For non-citizens Venezuela, they came there mostly to change the neckline. The cost is also imposed significant.

In Caracas, the breast enlargement process can reach up to RM8, 500 as compared to the price far more expensive in other countries.

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