Danger of Less Drinking!!!

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Soo sleepyy!!!! Each time after a lunch must be sleepy. Sometimes feel tired do not want to open eyes. It is not reason enough not sleep because every night I sleep soundly, "muttering a friend who several times nodding in front of computer. Indeed, sleepy after eating is not due to less sleep, but it marks our thirst and body is not enough water. Many mistakenly interpret the needs of the body of water with hunger. Dahaga not the best marker to tell the body needs water because of thirst sensitivity decreases when the age increased, especially in the elderly. Our bodies can only control the water balance to a certain level. The level of salt will increase when the water storage in the body decreases. The brain will detect changes in this balance and provide signals to the kidney to reduce water loss and trigger thirst.

However, this trigger thirst occurs later. Usually when we feel thirsty, your body has lost about two cups of fluid body. This loss can cause various implications. Water is an important element in the body. Male body involving 65 percent water and 55 percent for women. Water acts as a solvent, coolant, lubricating agents and transport nutrients throughout the body. Water content in the body of each person is different according to their fat content. Generally, the total percentage of water in the body fat is not much higher. Approximately 70 percent of brain weight, heart weight of 75 percent, 90 percent of lung weight and 82 percent water content involves blood. Body experiencing loss of water during the time that almost 80 percent a day, although we are not active. This loss occurs through urine, faeces, sweat and breathing. Every time died, we lost in the form of water vapor. If collected, we may be one or two glasses of water lost through breathing. This is why health experts recommend we drink at least eight glasses or one liter of water each day. Water resources not only from drinking water because it is in food, fruits and vegetables.

How much water we need? Generally, each person requires at least eight glasses of water or a liter of water a day. However, this amount varies between individuals, activities performed and weather shelter. Of course if we do exercise on hot days, we lose more water through sweat. Water that comes out should be replaced immediately, whether during or after exercise to avoid dehydration problems. Lost a lot of water causes the blood pressure down dramatically, the supply of oxygen to the brain and decreased if too serious, it can be fatal. If too much drink, not poisoning the water will happen? It can, but it rarely happens. Difficult for healthy people suffer water poisoning. It usually occurs in infants. In fact, individuals who experience problems overweight need to drink more water, ie a glass for every 11 kg above ideal body weight. Those who aspire to lose weight are also encouraged to drink plenty of water. Lack of water lowers the rate of metabolism and body can not break the fat and use effectively. Consequently, the weight loss becomes more difficult. The problem of water retention or inability body of water released from the bladder becomes worse if we do not get enough water. Sometimes this problem can be solved by drinking more water to encourage excessive drainage. As most nutrients dissolved in water, may have worried that it removed through urine. Do not worry. This problem does not occur because the kidney filtration system that we have clever. Useful not only material removed. All food nutrients absorbed in the intestine and when inserted into the blood for distribution throughout the body.

In fact many have realized without water shortage. In fact, many say not often repeated to the toilet as an excuse not to drink plenty of water. This action actually poisoned themselves because without adequate water, the body is difficult and can produce toxic substances together to form stones. Without enough water also, nutrients from food can not be distributed to good causes and more fat accumulated in the body. Shape and size of muscles also changed. Most unfortunate, if lack of water to increase the level of toxic substances to endanger life.

Effects Research shows a lack of fluid lost two percent body fluid can cause:

  • Poor memory (short-term memory)
  • It's hard to count, although that's hard to focus on simple things done, especially in computer screen or printed reading materials
  • blood pressure decreased
  • amount of oxygen reaching the brain decreases causing drowsiness
  • sluggish during the day
  • back pain
  • headache
  • dehydration
  • slows metabolism
  • increase the risk of colon , bladder and breast cancer
  • nuscles and joints experience dryness
  • difficult elimination of toxic materials
  • Increase desire to eat
  • concentrated blood
  • easy to confused.
  • heartbeat increased
  • affect chemical reactions in the body

2 Responses to “ Danger of Less Drinking!!! ”

  1. Sory for improper english that I used. Please tell me if you find out the incorrect parts. =)

  2. I was one of them who excuse not to drink plenty of water because not to repeat toilet again and again. But then I got some health problems and doctor advised me to drink a plenty of water. So now I do. Thanks for the info


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