Biggest Hamster??

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 · Posted in , , , , , ,

I don't know how to say but it's really big hamster. I can't believe this cute pet turns this very big!! In this size I can say that this hamster is no more cute or cuteless. It's just like a tiny horse that we can ride on it's back. But if isn't hamster tell me ya! Scroll down and see more pics of this amazing pet!!!

9 Responses to “ Biggest Hamster?? ”

  1. it true this is the real picture?i mean no editing?
    can i copy this picture for my blog?

  2. It's not a hamster, I remember seeing them in discovery channel. They live in swamp between amazon and venezuela. Its name starts with the capital C...Capabra or something. I forgot la friend.

    1. its called a Capybara

    2. Ur right, Google 'Capybara' and that 'hamsters' brothers will come up!

  3. Hail from Brazil, It's a Capivara,it's the biggest rodent in the world.

    More about in Wikipedia:

  4. u got 2 be joking


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