Giant Supermarket Supporting Israel?

Saturday, June 5, 2010 · Posted in , ,

I'm really shocked! This morning I'm going to Giant Nilai to buy my brother's clothes. When I was busy finding a shirt for my brother I found a shirt with zionis logo as it's design! The design is really look alike the zionis logo and I'm start thinking why this kind of design can be display to public? I've capture some pictures, so you can see that what I have seen. Now, who are going ti be blamed? Whole world now put a blame on Zionis after their f**king troops attacked on the humanitarian aids to Gaza. So, when I saw this shirt, it's seem like we are supporting Israeli Laknatullah! Think it!

Below are some picture that I capture from Giant Nilai.

I put the shirt at the front so others can see this shirt

At first, this shirt is placed at back

I'm wondering why this design is allow to be display?

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