Se7en Things That Man Love To Hear

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Like any human being, men have that need to feel appreciated in a relationship, whether it's just kicking off or already married. YourTango gives us seven things a man would love to hear, leaving him beaming.

"You look great."
Like women, men have insecurities. He may not show it, but sometimes he's wondering if his shirt looks better tucked in or out, or if his hair is donning a little too much gel. Compliments would be especially great if he's been going to the gym or got a new haircut or clothes.

"I love your [insert body part]"
Enough said. As explained above, men are sensitive about their manly parts and want to know that you're attracted to what they have.

"I love it when you [insert action]"
This phrase benefits both you and him. If you don't tell him what you like, he may be just flying blind. In fact, if you don't compliment him he may even think you don't like what he's doing. Anyway, the more you tell him how you love it when he rubs your shoulders, or runs his fingers long your chest, the more he'll do it.

"That woman just checked you out."
Give him an ego boost once in a while. This also shows him that you noticed another woman checking him out, and you're not afraid to tell him. It shows that you're confident enough to know he wont be lured away by another girl.

"You're right."
Everybody likes to be right, and really, sometimes men are. When he's right, it's nice to tell him, especially if you were arguing. It'll make him feel good, for one, and it shows that you're reasonable enough to admit when you're wrong.

"Will you help me [insert task]"
Men like to help women with simple tasks, making them feel a little more manly and noble. You don't have to make him do things your can do yourself, but if you need the assistance, he should be happy to accept.

"You're not going bald,"
This is the male equivalent of a woman asking "Do these jeans make me look fat?" Well, tell him he's not, even if he is getting a little less covered on the top. Losing his hair is one of a man's greatest fears, so keep him happy with a little white lie.

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