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Ahaha...lately I have check this movie from GSC homepage. This movie look interesting(coz i'm deathly love this type of movie) and I think I'm going to watch this movie once its release. I also have watching the trailer. I mean amazing trailer.I suggest to your all to watch this movie!
From a best-seller Japanese comic book ‘Kamui Gaiden’, The Last Ninja focuses on the story of a ‘KAMUI’, a Ninja on the run from the world of Ninja in search for true freedom. However, he is burdened with the fate, where it is not allowed to take the secret outside of the tribe -- if you are born as Ninja, you must die as Ninja. This brings him to constantly fight for his life against other Ninjas who tries to kill him and hide the secrets within. He does not trust, and he does not love. Showing weakness leads to immediate death. An incident brings him to an old fisherman's village, where he finally starts to open up to other people. However, his pursuers were just minutes away from setting up a huge trap on Kamui...

Source : http://www.gsc.com.my/

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